The Cyber Bully

Stop the Bullies

The Cyber Bully

Jemma should live in a kennel like all dogs


Did u c wot she woz wearin today? Charity shop much

Ahhhh all alone at lunch saddo… puke it up girl.

Woof woof that’s all I hear!
Y don’t u fuck off and die?

Fuckin weirdo tried to cut her wrists #epicfail
Sympathy, sympathy I have no friends boo fuckin hoo!
Nerd alert..
Great day @skl chewing gum in hair, smackin that bitch tomoro!
Cry baby can’t keep her legs shut!
Tellin tales makes u a loser n a grass.
Go home whinge to mummy!
Skank with a capital skank.
Trippin the biatch up all lunch, fuckin earthquake fat tub of lard
Omg did u smell her today dam
Rip Jemma, a lovely girl wish I could change the past, so sorry we never knew……


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