Seeing the Other side of the Debate!

Patsy Sands

Patsy Sands is a dangerous man,

He fought our decent soldiers hand to hand,

He claimed this land was not ours to steal,

But we accumulated it through signing a fair deal.


Bombs he dropped on law abiding men,

We tried to make peace with him there and then,

Agreeing with us not to cause trouble,

Enlisting others his number did double.


And then to the streets with banners so high,

Calling for one country a unified flag he did fly,

So for the peace we made several arrests,

Doing for our country only what was best.


But in prison more trouble he caused,

Claiming prisoners’ rights with barely a pause,

Refusing food he chose to die,

So others could name him a martyr on high!


Patsy Sands is an honorable man!

He fought for our right to a unified land,

Not forgetting the famine and landlord’s crimes,

For him we will write many a rhyme.


On the streets he did brawl with intimidating men,

Abusing those whose creed was unpalatable to them,

Random shootings over the years,

Filling our women and children with fear.


Patsy stood tall and refused to back down,

He only wanted a united, friendly town,

His kin ostracized for their beliefs,

Treated in prison like a common thief.


Deserving the right of a prisoner of war,

Beaten, hated, isolated and more,

The antagonists forgetting centuries of strife,

Or the fact that they took the poor peasant’s wife.


So remember poor Patsy and let that flag fly,

To celebrate the martyr on high!

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