Her once sparkly ashen eyes close and she takes her last heavy breath,
Relatives whimper soft farewells as she departs the organic vehicle, the wreck,
Rising above the derelict shell she recollects the true nature of her reality,
One segmented consciousness alone in the friendless darkness of nonentity,
Each beloved family member a sector of the spring, diverse society an illusion,
Comprising the fragments of a comprehensive creature longing for a peaceful whole.

Entangled in a web of her own imaginative creation the loneliness subsides,
But in life a desperation to return to Eden overwhelms each lost embodied remnant,
Every inch of her united soul is reborn to claw and fight towards enlightenment,
Awareness that all are one, understanding that contentment lies in respect
Realisation that the Humanities of religion are irrelevant, only belief in the beyond matter,
Faith is void when deprived of the one connecting law; to treat others as yourself!

Each atman develops differently unable to fully harness shared unconscious data,
Living maliciously until free from acts of rage and desire; creators of the retribution cycle,
The shared internal light struggles to glow in the new age of selfish industry,
Paradise far from near; an idealistic emerald forest engulfing sunlit still, blue waters,
Few ghosts live there in wait for the majority! Her life has been shallow,
In a flash of realization she returns with subconscious awareness of many incarnations,
Eons will pass before she is finally home…..


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