My Bipolar Plan

For seven years I wrote poems and tales that reflected the mood swings of my Bipolar diagnosis. I have now released an anthology of the darkest and lightest poetry. This collection allows readers to empathise with the symptoms of the condition. I aim to sell 20,000 copies to raise awareness for Bipolar. My book is entitled ‘Artist or Madman: A Gripping Chapbook From a Bipolar Mind.’

I have already worked closely with VoicesIreland to raise awareness for this condition. Please share this post to family, friends, survivors and anyone who works with or manages mental health concerns.

Artist or Madman received a 100% five-star rating when the first edition was released. It showcases seven years of work and struggles. Please share this with anyone who may benefit from or simply enjoy this book.

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6 thoughts on “My Bipolar Plan

  1. Hi Kerry, thank you following my blog. I hope you enjoy my writings as much as I have enjoyed reading your poetry.
    I will definitely be grabbing a copy of your book.

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