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Valkyrie Kerry


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From the Waters













Sun Disk




Pick Me Up

Final Moment






Foamy Wrath

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‘Valkyrie’ Kerry Kelly is a multi-graduate, wife, mum of five and bipolar survivor. She lives in Mayo, Ireland and writing is her passion. She is a philanthropist and philosopher and does not shy away from expressing both exceptional beauty and deep controversy. Kerry has had poetry published in ‘Peeking Cat,’ ‘TigerShark,’ ‘Plum Tree Tavern,’ ‘Eskimo Pie,’ ‘Love Letters,’ ‘Wicked Words’ and ‘19,751 Words.’ Her short stories have appeared in ‘Paragraph Planet,’ ‘Entropy Squared’ and ‘Short Break Fiction.’ Kerry’s debut as an editor proved highly successful with ‘Stan and Ellen’s Grand Opus’ reaching Number One in the Chapbook Charts.


A collection of philosophical poems beautifully depicting the origins of the cosmos, evolution, entanglement, time, nature and life after death. Perfect for meditation and contemplation and bought to you by the Duchess of Darkness to help find light in moments of bleakness.




Eyes drooping,

The candle flickers shadows on the walls,

Heavier they become,

Contrasting light and darkness; a new forum.

Counting backwards,

From the tenth step as clouds fill the space.


Deeper, retreating,

As the room disappears in the hue of smog.

Each muscle tenses,

Relaxing as the tension seeps from the core.

Passing thoughts escape,

Dust in the smoke, for true awareness comes.


Feeling soft strands of grass,

Opening the mind’s eye to the majesty of nature,

And seeing for the first time.

Clear waters swirl across smooth pebbles,

A tree overhangs.

The waterfall provides a gateway for stepping beyond.


Warm moisture grasps,

Each sensation so vivid in the collective trance,

Stepping furtively.

Climbing, as the waterfall parts like a curtain of sight.

Envisaging the beyond.

Noting every image, seeking true meaning in paradise.




Darkness is only darkness in contrast to the light,

Bleakness erupted with one small spark.

Cascades of water drip from the fountain,

Rivers starting from a stream, drop of rain.


One tiny point, the lit match, illuminating the way,

An explosive spot from which the cosmos spews,

Taking time to spread and mutate, in empty space.

Minute matter, swallowed in the night.


Unaware of time or space, waiting to evolve,

Particles taking form, invisible energy driving.

The waters part and merge, react and interact,

Solidifying, hauled into motion, into state.


Clashing clouds, heating and cooling, giant spheres.

Nebulae, smashing, moulding and shaping.

Fires ignite and blaze, rocks fall into orbit,

Worshipping the source of their tiny systems.


From the Waters


So far from its neighbours, the molten orb chills,

Reflecting the waters of the first day.

So far from its neighbours, a cell divides,

Floating wantonly in nature’s hippocampus,

Sucking in the ovum,

Born of coal.


So far from its neighbours, the cells divide,

Floating in the dawn’s crimson delights.

So far from its neighbours, forming allies,

Deliciously basking in the sun’s glimmer,

Sucking in the emptiness,

Born of light.


So far from its neighbours, sea creatures form,

Reflecting creation, sharing association.

So far from its neighbours, forms change,

Embracing differences, creating webs,

Sucking in interdependency,

Born of change.


So far from its neighbours, the waters subside,

Floating from the oceans, climbing on land.

So far from its neighbours, thought in flora,

Deliciously absorbing the brilliant shine.

Sucking in air,

Born of love.




I was nothing, a glimmer in the void.

I became emptiness, space between electrons,

Water in vastness.


I was nothing, stardust floating in the cosmos.

I became bound to this world, a single unit,

Dust in oceans.


I was nothing, particles in the lake.

I became a shape, a form, emerald fungi,

Sand in deserts.


I was nothing, a plant flowing in the current.

I became a life-giver, producer, leaves,

Chloroplast in forests.


I was nothing, slithering in rivers.

I became a creature, departed from others,

Shrimp in seas.


I was nothing, climbing from the moisture.

I became a beast, roaming the land,

Ant in dunes.


I was nothing, an ape in a woodland clan.

I became upright, lighting fires,

Atom in Universes.





Drifting seamlessly in another dimension,

An abstract with many experiences,

Photons of thought.


Another, once upon a time, or a space,

Hurtled through the secret crevice,

Light of being.


Partially extracted, partially presented,

Ready for knowledge of suffering,

Fear of change.


Isolated among others enduring isolation,

Unaware of solidarity, futile struggles,

Segment of consciousness.


Preoccupied with materialism and reputation,

Enlightenment notably absent,

Darkness of solitude.


Lifting of the veil as the vehicles demise,

Spark returns, awareness, merging,

Photons of thought.




Circling, the balls spin, flying about the pitch,

Hurtled by an invisible force and strapped into orbit,

Nothing between except empty space.


Circling, the planets rotate, flying about the star,

Hurtled by an invisible force and strapped into orbit,

Nothing between except empty space.


Circling, the electrons round, flying about the nucleus,

Hurtled by an invisible force and strapped into orbit,

Nothing between except empty space.


Circling, man runs around, flying through life blindly,

Hurtled by greed and avarice and strapped into sin,

Nothing between except love and empty space.




Observe the petals unfolding, peach of her lips,

Scarlet blood scented with Eden’s fragrance,

An occasional fleck of lost amber,

Contribution to perfection.


Notice the smooth velvet, touch of her flesh,

Soothing the fingers with climactic satin,

An occasional fold of curves,

Delightful to behold.


Focus on the layers, lovers wrapped in silk,

Surrounding one another’s lust, decadent,

An occasional glimpse of the core,

Luscious to inhale.


Perceive the harshness of the stem, contrast,

Stinging to the touch, penetrating thorns,

Protecting the sweet bud’s innocence,

Enticingly harsh.








Underneath the parasol lies a world of colour,

Unnoticed in its beauty, overcrowded.

A colony of woodlice, grey and tan,

Rolling in balls, clinging to fallen branches.


Pinchers of the jet-black beetle grasp at bark,

As spotted ladybirds model their red coats.

A flutter of the wings; quick, determined,

Unlike the emperor butterfly’s purple exhibition.


Multitudes of copper legs scurry and hurry as one,

The centipede races through the muddy city.

Overtakes the sulky woodlice, twisting,

Treads on the odd black ant out on reconnaissance.


A worm rears its plump head, the soil is damp,

He quickly winds it in as the beetle steps.

As dusk falls an owl hoots to warn,

Mice scatter through surrounding fields, games begin.




An ogre forced from the mantle,

Ridges overlap, driven to the sky.


Giant beast, roaring with anger,

Mouth a cavern to the fire inside.


Pressure builds up alongside wrath,

His head fuming with demonic fury.


Wondrous to behold, conical god,

Screaming as heat burns inside.


Quaking for all to hear, dark ire,

Aeons to form, hidden secrets.


Rising though the conduit, steaming,

Erupting magnificently from inside.


Out spews the red fluid, Earth’s hot blood,

Seeping down, rushing, a landslide of death.




Thick sand dunes dampen on the beach,

Spread high like hills in the country.

Amber sheen soars for the moon.


Huge glowing orb hangs beyond the cliffs,

Jutting, headstrong peaks, reaching over.

Dropping steeply, tempests below.


Soft grasses spread across the fields behind,

Trickles of water run across the dunes,

Across the cliffs beyond, waterfalls.


Furious tides belt cruelly at the rocks below,

Froth rises and drenches coral extremities,

Clouds dance, avoiding the moon’s stare.


Light rays stretch across the sea’s soft skin,

Red claws spread through darkening skies,

The sea grasps higher, grabbing.


The ancient bulb glimmers and glows,

Trickling sparkles on the water,

Silence fills the dusk air.




Creases meet in time,

Segments, bends twisting,

Tears and cracks appear.

Rarely an entity creeps unintentionally through.


Tesseracts, rooms in time,

Preserving moments, locations,

An unknown dimension.

Rarely a moment imprints, held forever in space.


Recapturing the moment,

Mentally imprisoned, held.

Moving forward, accepting change.

Rarely an occurrence repeats, accepting the truth.


Dreams of another time,

Revisiting the moment,

Boiling emotions, trapped, scarred.

Rarely overcoming without letting go, advancing.


Linear understanding of cause and effect,

Unresolved, etched in rock,

Images of the past.





Blackened hair, limp, rough skin,

Stutters nervously at every thought,

Trapped in misery, negativity oozes.


Dark eyes, hollow from insomnia,

Ears clogged with the sound of ticking,

Deafening roars of detriment.


Cocooned in a meaningless existence,

Straps tightened, curled up,



Morning light burns, melts the jelly,

She is released.


Amber hair, long and luscious,

A voice that causes the angels to weep,

Liberated, confident, determined and keen.


She trusts in herself, she is beautiful,

Instigating change, reading, observing,

Accepting her inner strength and glamour.


The itch in her back unfolds, soft curves grow,

Wings of great colour; azure, magenta, jade and gold,

Ready to fly, diminishing the old.




Swimming through seas of fish,

Gliding through clear skies,

Speeding across the waves,

Or through woods on a motorbike.


Painting a landscape scene,

Decorating the house to a home,

Photographing boats on the pier,

Or listening to the rain pelt the window.


Playing music with a crescendo,

Kayaking in warm, still seas,

Laying in my lover’s firm arms

Or socialising with cheer, fun and glee.


Walking in nature’s glory,

Flying in a rollercoaster’s embrace,

Drawing with words my heart’s darkest dreams

Or beholding a child’s happy face.




Forgive others,

But never forget,

Love every day,

But with care take every step.


Live life to the full,

Take time to rest,

Fulfil a dream,

And do it with heart-filled zest.


Remember your dreams,

Derive some meaning,

Make up short stories,

Keep on top of the cleaning.


Sing and dance for fun,

Take chances, try new sports,

Surround yourself with loved ones,

Watch those who point out all of your faults.








Close your eyes sweet cherub,

Call out to the beyond,

For there is more.


When dark fears overwhelm,

Gently reach out in dreams,

For they come.


Guardians sent from beyond,

Magnificent beings of glory,

Swords ablaze, armoured.


Tales of two factions fighting,

The dark demons uprising,

There in heaven’s war.


Overcrowded were the skies,

Celestial spheres in battle,

Planets fighting.


Through the stars did a star fall,

Mornings grew light once again,

And as each soul drifted from above,

An angel was assigned to guard, guide and love.


Sun Disk


Grotesque in shape, hidden in the wings,

Waiting for his day in the sun.


In private he studied, locked in solitude,

Waiting for the day his reign would come.


Breaking away from Pagan heresy, enlightened,

Terrifying priests with a new age prophecy.


Awakened by the life of the sun, travelling,

Relocating the capital to worship the new entity.


Open aired temples, enforcing a new law,

Waiting for the beautiful one to join him.


Riled were the Priests in Thebes, army abandoned,

Defying their power, admonishing their sin.


Years of the one true god past with great speed,

Until their rule came sadly to an end.


Successors attempted to hide the mystical king,

One god, Akhenaten claimed, one light.

Moses of Egypt, destroyed in death,

But whispers of him arose in the night.




From the small churning mill does a soft river run,

Dropping and flowing through rocks,

Surrounded by hyacinths climbing above,

Pouring through a trellis, trickling into the pond.


A tiny wooden bridge does cross the stream,

Carefully carved, either side pink roses rest,

A rockery slumps lazily, encompassing bushes,

Sunflowers lean about wooden posts.


Beyond stands a shrubbery shading a tortoise,

One of stone that blends into the low cut grass.

An aviary chirps, full of brightly coloured birds;

Budgies, finches and colourful parrots.


Crazy pathways give the garden a rustic feel,

Running alongside the whooshing stream,

Dropping alongside miniature waterfalls,

Garden for some, for others a dream.




Rosemary, thyme, sage

Eucalyptus grows between

Fresh smell of cool mint


Patchouli, lemongrass

Sandalwood in almond base

Zest of orange peel strong


Delicate fragrance

Soft pink flavour, rose water

Burning incense sticks


Floating, hot water

Essences ripe, flooding touch

Thunderstorms echo beyond




Inexplicable, the emotion of such joy,

Fraught with green eyes and lust,

Adoring, enraptured, enlivening,

Pierced through the heart by mistrust.


Tones of pastels spray the heavens,

Holding each other tightly, as one,

Forgetting for a moment life outside,

Souls merging, become whole in the sun.


Clinging triggers animosity, cruel,

Obsessing the other is the key to all,

Deep yearning spawns wild lust,

Love spirals so hard into a nasty fall.


Love, an art of compassion well trained,

Carefully nurtured to overcome suffering,

Alleviating illusions through careful refrain,

Performing the task of altruistic buffering.


Pick Me Up


Pick me up from the gutter when I fall,

Pick me up when my heart cries,

Pick me up on my worst days,

And when a loved one dies.


Pick me up when I am sad and moody,

Pick me up if I curl in a ball,

Pick me up if I wrong you,

And when I badly fall.


Pick me up when I am hungry or thirsty,

Pick me up when everyone goes,

Pick me up when I hurt

And I fight my foes.


Pick me up whoever you are,

Pick me up for no reason at all,

Pick me up when I try, but then fail,

I will be there for you when you need to call.



Final Moment


She lowered her lashes as the curtain pulled around,

A lifetime extraordinary,

Love so profound.


Now she takes her final rest, greying hair tied back,

Grandchildren weeping sadly and softly,

The pillows raising her back.


A moment of reflection, married so very young,

Nursing was her beloved vocation,

Even when the children come.


Wistfully remembering summers at the coast,

Dances on the weekends with friends,

Spanish autumns, a sherry toast.


The stress of arguments seem so pointless, wasted,

Regrets fleet over her thoughts,

Laying still, emaciated.


There at the foot of her bed the ivory women rise,

Hands reach to show her the light,

Body sinks into demise.


She looks down on the abandoned vessel,

The carriage that carried her soul,

Departing from all.


Beyond in the shadows she sees her soul mate,

They will reconcile with the family again,

Through the wormhole their lights abate,

Escaping from the world of men.




The twins, like particles, were separated,

Born of the same lioness,

Taken to opposite ends of the globe,

Forgetting the other.


Randolph the King of San Diego zoo,

Peter taken on safari,

When one was hungry, the other hollow,

Pains shared from afar.


In middle age Randolph was moved,

Peter crushed with uncertainty,

When Peter was injured from a rocky fall,

Randolph’s leg ached.


Peter felt unexpectedly elated, happiness awash,

As Randolph found park freedom,

Randolph’s heart pounded in his tick, furry chest,

When Peter met his perfect lioness.


And in old age, on his death bed, Randolph cried,

Fancying he had a missing part,

Peter fell asleep that night,

As one they depart.




Psychiatrists tried, Lou never answered. She stared blankly, spoke to a pretend family. Lou’s ghosts always whispered during homework times.


Glass shards crippled her flesh, splinters raw. Blood smudged, flowed in streaks. Hair clumped. Remnants of the mirror she climbed through.


Divinely enshrouded in black, with an unseen, dark force he raises her soul from a nubile, placid form. Abandoned on the forest floor. Mute.




Travelling so far into the future,

That she landed in the past.

Living in the present, she let the past rest.


The world froze at the altar,

As he signed away his soul.

Overjoyed as he married for love


Spin the mirror and watch the reflection wither,

Age is the sign of a life well-lived!


Jealousy bit hard,

Drove him insane,

Forcing her to stray.





Night sky beating ice

Shattering Earth battering

Another bed day


Metal wheels on ice

Staring down a fair chasm

Lifeless form stares back


One with the warm sea

Tropical hot paradise

Cold fish stings callous


Too busy watching

Others that he trips blindly

Look at your own log


Saving working slave

Passing after retiring

Live now, for today


Collecting nest straw

Feeding crying young kindly

Squawking too early




Creator for creation, seen clearly,

Majesty of the sea, hidden world,

Bejewelled creatures teeming;

Flowing through wafting weeds.

Clinging to rocks, alive, bright,

Pulsating a secret undercurrent.


Echo of the mountain’s great peak,

Overlooking lower magnificent hills,

Texture of rocks, knighted with ice.

Glaciers form dangerously, sheer cliffs,

Chasms of old minerals plunged as one,

Rapid snow fall avalanches with might.


Intricate systems with the jungle’s foliage,

Beasts of might; tigers, wolves, set apart.

Snakes hanging gloriously through branches,

Glowing reptiles, sharp-eyed panthers,

Fighting for territory, surviving majestically.

Creator for creation, seen clearly.




In every sadness, there is a silver lining,

For what is today’s sorrow may cause tomorrow’s joy,

And today’s joy manifests in tomorrow’s sorrow,

For this is the cycle.


In every success, there is failure,

But today’s failure works to be tomorrow’s success,

And today’s success causes complacency,

For this is the cycle.


In every life, there is death,

For today’s life is tomorrow’s bereavement,

And from life comes life,

For this is the cycle.


In every loss there is a gain,

For a new pathway lightens when one is lost,

The direction is unknown,

For this is the cycle.


In every hurt there is hurt,

Every kindness gives kindness,

Give to receive,

For this is the cycle.





Foamy Wrath


Ancient cliffs embrace the crushing sea’s foamy wrath.
Under the misty panes of ebbing tide green weeds glide;

Hovering magnificently above the sands, wedged in rock.
Majestically darting fish colour the canvas, weaving.
Spiked sweets hide in nooks; crimson and orange.
Purple stripes on transparent jellies palpate; the sea’s ballerina.


Ancient cliffs embrace the crushing sea’s foamy wrath.
Under the misty panes of ebbing tide clear bags glide,

Hovering magnificently above the tin cans, wedged in rope.
Majestically darting driftwood colours the canvas, soaking.
Spiked metal sinks and racks of abandoned nails rust.
Black stripes on unpleasant oils palpate; entrapping the sea’s screaming gulls.


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