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Lobby for IT in Schools for Ireland’s Future

Imagine the scene; A group of 16-18 year olds gather after graduating the Junior or Leaver’s Certificate and proceed to use their Iphones, Androids and Ipods to share the moment. They don’t just share the moment they make memes, collages and witty captions. Instantly these are shared with the ridiculous number of followers that they have obtained through self-promotion. Yet not one holds a qualification in IT.

The IT industry continues to grow, children as young as 8 have the ability to download games onto their parents’ phones and play online. Amazon holds a revenue of $107BN per year, Google $75BN and they recently developed Irish offices and yet the children continue to pour out of school with a nurtured skill and no relevant IT qualifications. That would take another 4 years at university IF they elected to follow an IT course of course!

The British Computer Society offers a progression route to private candidates leading to a degree level internationally recognised qualification and skill set. We have an Irish Computer Society that could offer the same progression route.  When seeking a United Ireland we must look at opportunities for industry and here lies a fantastic opportunity for the future generation.

Opportunities for business, sales and skill-sets online are huge. Fiverr allows IT professionals to offer services worldwide, other sites offer the same at less competitive prices. There are now a number of digital marketing and IT skills available online to the unemployed through Springboard, but what if some of these courses were opened up to our school children?

The relevant courses could be delivered online through the schools directly to the children giving school leavers with no interest in university a new prospect and open up the IT industry to Ireland. Waterford IT offers a certificate in e-marketing and NCI a Higher Diploma in Computing, so why not use them to reach and train young minds and encourage entrepreneurs to develop small businesses from Ireland.

Let us build such a set of experts that international companies will send business our way!

How could such an opportunity be implemented? First of all children should be given the opportunity of choice and either take a two year part time route alongside either Junior or Leaver’s Cert or a fuller time route via TY. The pupils would then access the program online in schools. The programmes are already in operation, but could be combined with small career sessions on business development allowing pupils to develop their own business interests and strategies.

The programme could simply be called ‘IT for the Future’ and enable development of IT in Ireland starting in the schools.

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