Horrotica Defined

Horrotica is the art of finding light inspiration in the darkness, it is the joining of thanatos (the death instinct) and eros (the life instinct) and creating something deep and beautiful. Horrotica takes the drives within us and offers DEEP (Dark, Empathic, Erotic and Pleasurable) results.

Cruel Embrace

Rose from deep sleep by the sounds of a crackling log fire,

Captive in a medieval castle lodged between lonely, forested, mountains.

Sunset and dusk stream through the high window.

A prisoner tenderly kept, washed and dressed in soft pearl linens.

Oak posts surround the gargantuan bed draped with thick, pure nets.

Echoes of nightmarish wolves shriek in the distance terrify my ears,

A crimson mat lays on the heavy wooden floor, candles glint over the hearth.

Shadows stretch above me and disappear, fading into the night,

I am fatigued, unable to move, held by a lustful hypnotic spell.

Fear flows through my filial veins, you must smell the blood.

Resounding ringing of footsteps roar outside the door; bold, menacing,

The key turns with a vociferous clang and casually the door swings open.

I am stupefied by your chilling stature; tall, black clad, ivory skin and ebony hair,

Attracted by beauty, repelled by the demon inside, wanting you, wary of you.

Gradually you approach, a lion frightened of alarming the deer, gradually.

Struggling against the power of your ancient, wise mind I implore myself to leave,

Will myself to run, urge myself to fight.

I am tempted to touch you.

Want you to touch me.

You sit lightly besides me, fingernails stroke my face,

Caress my golden locks, rub my skin, fondling my limp arms, our eyes lock.

You lean in, I know that your kiss means death or eternal purgatory,

I resist.

Again you embrace me, tenderly petting me;

Adoringly, lovingly, passionately,

Our lips meet!

Your spirit promises ardent devotion, devotion in exchange for my soul,

Angry, affectionate rage fills you, your eyes darken,

And fear and sensuality enshroud me.

My hair is combed by your talons from my neck.

Tears leak in anticipation.

Your wolf like teeth plunge into my throat,

The pain burns,

You will it away.

The fear burns,

I am yours forever!

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