Guest Writer…A BIG well done as he is now 8 yrs old and was 7 when he wrote this!

Robbers: New City


The robbers were arrested and were taken on a plane,

The cops wanted to kill them!

The clever robbers knocked out the arresting cop,

Stole his gun!


They went to the back of the plane,

Shooting at everyone.

The robbers stole parachutes and jumped from the plane,

The remaining cops followed and tried to kill them,

The robbers shot first and killed the cops.


Cop cars appeared below,

One of the robbers did not have a parachute,

So he grabbed a cop in the air and took his!


They landed and went to the city cemetery,

Killing the cops on the way!

A helicopter saved all of the robbers and took them to a car get-away!


The Gang of Robbers


There was a gang of robbers.

They went into the bank and said,

‘Get on the ground! Now get the bomb!’


Went the bomb.

The police came!

The robbers killed them all,

Went out of the back door.

They dressed in normal clothes,

Found a hotel to hide in.


The robbers hide out was next to a bank!

One day they went into the bank.

There were lots of cops,

But the robbers killed them all!

They climbed up to the roof ,

Called one of their men in a helicopter.


More cops arrived,

The men in the helicopter shot the cops,

Whilst one robber tried to steal the money,

But the cops were guarding it.

The robber called for back-up.

The robbers killed all of the cops,

Opened the vault and planted a bomb,

To blow-up the bank so they could get away.




Bayley Baldock Kelly


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