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The Saga of Miss Chou

A sample of erotica by ValkyrieKerry, The Duchess of Darkness. 

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The Breaking of Miss Chou


I was never naive, nor did I lack sexual desire. I was raised by a strict Buddhist mother Ami in Sedona to believe in purity and self-respect. My schooling was largely uneventful; a small school house outside of our village in the red rock background of Sedona. Mother ran a shop selling trinkets for the tourists, father descended from the Apache tribe and as tourism developed business flourished. They were respected people and I was their only child. I attended school, studied, worked in the shop and studied in the evening. My friends would spend their evenings with local boys, but Mother said that was not respectable behaviour.

My school predicted excellent grades and at seventeen I sent my application to Princeton to study Japanese and English. My awakening began during the stresses of my final exams. Our wooden house sat behind our wooden shop. The excess of work and the echoing clang of the wind chimes caused fatigue to resonate through my veins. Mother told me to return to the house and sleep. The heat was not as profound as the previous weeks and with my window ajar a breeze floated across my pink sheets. I was soon asleep, and the dream came, the dream that was to change the course of my summer.

Drifting, floating, and then darkness. My eyes opened to a brilliant light and then I was present and aware of my surroundings. My chest was tight and my arms unable to move. Slowly I cast my glance down to my body and found a thick rope clasping me to the rough bark of a sequoia. A sheer white gown hung ripped from my smooth shoulders and caressed my thighs. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I struggled against my bonds, but they were too tight and then he appeared. An ancestor of my father’s tribe, youthful with swarthy skin and a perfectly sculpted body strode towards me.

He halted abruptly in front of me and spoke in a dialect beyond my linguistic capacity. I did not answer, could not answer, so I shook my head and pleaded for my release. He spoke again, his voice grew louder, but again I could only shake my head. I felt tears prick my eyes. This was a new situation for me, I did not realize that I was dreaming I just knew that I was in an unusual situation, one alien to my mundane, innocent life. As he spoke again the aggression in his tone pierced my soul, I shuddered and in response he drew a crudely crafted, but large and savage knife.

Cool steel stroked my neck, the threat of death combined with helplessness tore through me. The blade massaged my throat and moved slowly from side to side, the point tickled my heart and rose again. The soft gliding motion abruptly changed as did the look on my nemesis face. He sneered cruelly as the hilt was ripped upwards and the left sleeve of my gown ripped and floated down my shoulder and then with the same rapid motion the right sleeve fell pulling the bustier section of my dress down revealing my naked, vulnerable flesh.

Darkened nipples, hardened by gentle winds, pointed imploringly at my attacker. I realized that I was no longer afraid, I was aroused. I had felt attracted to others before, but never fully aroused. This was different, this was a growing desperation. He sheathed his knife and stepped forward glaring at me with a cruel smirk. A large hand cupped my right breast and his fingers curved around my nipple tugging gently. I heard my breathing deepen and almost instinctively slightly opened my legs to relieve the rising ache that was pulsating though my dampening snatch.

It was impossible to hide my lust and in response he took my nipple in between his teeth using his tongue to circle the end. My eyes closed, I could not resist. His left hand lowered, reaching for the hem of my dress. I felt his rough hand stroke my thigh, pulling my dress roughly upwards. I accommodated by opening further for him. The knuckle of his thumb caught between my legs as his fingers clasped urgently at my inner thigh. His sucking grew deeper as his long fingers explored higher stroking me over my panties. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked there and then. It didn’t matter that he was a stranger, or that it would be shameful. All that mattered was my own release.

Teasing, teasing for so long! His fingers stroked me over my panties backwards and forwards, forcing the arousal to plateau making me want to beg for more. He lifted his head and roughly grabbed my neck forcing my head backwards. His lower hand withdrew, and the knife was drawn again, dragged excruciatingly up my leg and wiped backwards and forwards then the metal split my panties and the weapon was twisted. With the leather hilt he encircled my clit, then caressed towards my dampness, pressing gently and raising again to the clit. I was passing the plateau. As my excitement grew so too did his rhythm and strokes. His hand still pressured my neck, his eyes still bore into my soul.

With one quick motion he released his prick, dropped the blade and stabbed deep into me. His body pushed my wetness against my clit and he pushed so deeply and slowly in, retracted slightly and pushed deeper. His cock was rigid, his body just as hard. He pushed in deeper and deeper and…..

I awoke, the night was upon me. The breeze delicate and only the sounds of crickets could be heard. I was wet all over, urgent, I found my hand wedged crudely between my own legs and as shameful as it may seem I could not stop. I could not stop imagining being fucked, being the willing victim. Enjoying the experience in the absence of shame, under the pretense that I had no choice.

My hand hardened, the wrist pressing against my clit as the fingers entered my cunny and I pushed against it, rode it. Imagined my body being used, imagined indulging myself in wanton lust, allowing myself to be licked. One man, two men…. In that moment I decided I would find a way… One fucking me, one sucking my tits, raising my legs, both coming all over me, then I felt the pulses growing, I could not stop and in one moment I exploded. The relief was unbearably painful and perfect. My plan was unstoppable.

Without aggression or force I fell against the wall and she against me. Her hand reached under my blouse and she gently stroked my pert breasts, the brown nipples quickly hardened to her touch and I wanted to feel her, to know her.


Once my exams were over, I had several months free before commencing university. I could not bring shame to my family locally, if I was going to exploit my innocence then it would have to be in another world, I would follow my roots to Japan. I told Mother and Father that I wanted to practice my Japanese prior to attending university and learn more of my cultural heritage. Of course, I had another, deeper agenda. I had read in a recent article that additional carriages were being added to Japanese trains to prevent sexual activity. The additional carriages would be for women only. Further research indicated that numerous incidents of sexual impropriety occurred daily on mixed sex carriages. I had found my training ground.

Inner city trains seemed grubby and overcrowded, I wanted some level of beauty surrounding my first experiences. In addition to my flights I booked transfers to Hakone, land of the Hot Springs and a trip on the Odakyu express from Hakone to Shinjuku at the bottom of Mount Fuji. The train would take me through the cherry blossoms littering the countryside to the golden leaved, majestic trees leading to the mountain. I hoped to leave my chrysalis and blossom into a golden butterfly. It was ideal.

I had saved enough from working in the shop to fund the trip, but I don’t feel it necessary to discuss the details of my trip and transfers. Suffice it to say I slept for most of the journey so that I would wake fresh and prepared. I arrived in Hakone on an early summer’s evening, took a delightful sushi meal in my room and prepared myself for the endeavours of the next day. A hot bath, flavoured with cherry blossom salts provided a matrix in which I could scrub every inch of my body and remove every hair, whilst enjoying a luxurious deep cleansing face mask. I rested in the waters for some time, before vacating the tub and rubbing lavender oil into my soft skin.

Underwear should be just as enticing as clothes. I had made a purchase in Tokyo and laid my particulars on the dressing table. I wanted to appear sexually attractive, whilst reinforcing the notion of my innocence. I chose a silky white bra and thong, laced and ribboned, a pair of white hold ups, slightly netted with ribbons that cling about three inches above the knees. My outer garments also needed to attract, so I selected a black skirt that just about revealed a hint of skin between stocking top and hem and a white blouse, thin enough to reveal the contours of my bra and breasts and black shoes with a slight heel to emphasize the shape of my legs.

I waited until my freshly washed, long, black hair was merely damp and brushed it, twisted it and wrapped each twist with ribbons, so that my look would be completed with thick, flowing ringlets. I then reclined on the bed and slept deeply, anticipating my forthcoming debauchery with the trepidation of innocence and the excitement built up from unresolved lust.


Time slowed waiting for the train to arrive. I had concerns, worries that my plan would not work, that no one would want to take advantage of me, and worries that my plan would work, and I would do something wrong or feel ashamed. No one was talking on the platform, the air was heavy, filled with the sound of an old ticking clock. I felt self-conscious, exposed in my scanty clothes. I had never worn a thong before and I could feel the pressure scratching my backside and rubbing my clit. I couldn’t wait, but I waited, nervous, desperate, and ambivalent. I waited.

Eventually the train arrived. I had kept my eyes cast down the whole time that I was waiting. Perhaps it was because I wanted others to perceive me as innocent or perhaps, I was scared to see my potential sexual assailants. The train squealed to a halt and I stepped into the bar carriage and ordered a double whiskey. I do not care for the drink but needed additional courage. The glass was empty by the time the train heaved itself out of the station. I did not know exactly how to captivate my nemesis but knew that standing in the bar would not assist my cause. I decided to walk slowly through the train and hope that opportunity would present itself.

The first passenger carriage was barren, just a few tourists staring in awe out of the grubby windows. The next carriage was upper class, small self-contained booths. Two men sat reading papers in the first booth, clearly Japanese in both appearance and literature.

Businessmen with briefcases, wearing suits. Neither looked up. I stopped and peered in, considering my options. My thoughts were interrupted by a guard who had appeared at the far end of the corridor, ‘Madam,’ he called in his native language ‘I am required to see your ticket.’ An opportunity! As if on autopilot I lowered my head and walked very slowly towards him until we were both standing in the cove between carriages.

A tall man, tanned skin, small moustache, and welcoming eyes. He seemed alert and clean with a strong scent of aftershave echoing from him. I stopped directly in front of him, widened my eyes and stared into his before glancing away,

‘Ticket?’ he repeated. I always carry a small black, leather bag for money and cards. This day was no different. Instead of opening it however, I removed it from my shoulder and dropped it to the floor bending forward so that he could see partially up my skirt. I pretended to rummage for some time and then surreptitiously glanced over my shoulder. He had stepped back and was clearly admiring the view.

My fumbling stopped, and I rose to once again meet his stare, for an awkward moment nothing was done or said. I lowered my eyelids again, but his hand lifted my chin and raised my head to meet him. A hand gripped mine and I was roughly dragged into the guard’s car. The door was locked as the scenery whizzed by. We were alone. The space was small, claustrophobic, containing a few controls, an ebony leather chair and a window filled with images of ripening blossoms. The guard released his harsh grip and eased me into the seat, his mahogany eyes still fixated on mine.

This was what I had wanted, what I had waited for. It was truly happening. He was clearly confident, experienced and determined. I had to let him take control. As soon as I relaxed his hands clasped my waist and moved upwards towards the buttons on my chemise. With one flick a middle button was popped open and four fingers slid in to feel my breasts through the lace of my tight bra. He leaned in and his lips gently kissed mine, I found myself kissing back. Softly at first just lips to lips, but then his lips parted, and his tongue entered my mouth, massaging my tongue. Another button popped undone, then another as he kissed me deeper. I had never been kissed, and although awkward at first, it made me feel sexual. The more he kissed, the deeper his tongue went, the more at ease I felt.

With growing confidence, I touched his chest, rubbed, felt his nipples, his abdomen and as his hands pulled down the cups of my bra and pleasured my nipples my hands lowered with ease to feel his hardness. He gasped and pulled away taking my top down and pulling my bra down, but not taking it off. He sat slightly backwards and raised the hem of my skirt up slightly giving a greater flash of thigh. Anxious hands gripped my knees and parted my legs and his head dropped kissing each of my inner thighs in turn with a furious passion. I stroked his jet-black hair and sighed deeply. Hands groped my thong and it was steadily drawn down my legs and dropped to the floor.

I lay back across his chair. Breasts revealed, skirt lifted, stockings rubbing against his mouth and his hands fingering and circling my clit. He licked my thighs, up my legs and around my clit. His fingers lowered and lowered as I ached for him to be inside me. Knuckles pushed against my opening, sore, pain with pleasure. The knuckle unfolded, and a thumb filled me.

With shock he abruptly ceased,

‘Virgin?’ He queried. I nodded and with one lustful sigh his tongue entered me, tasting my wetness. He slid it up to my clitoris and down over and over. His hands worked tirelessly arousing my nub. With wanton desire I placed one leg over each arm of the chair and allowed his fingers and tongue to fuck me. My hips almost instinctively pushed against him. I could hear myself groaning, then he pulled up suddenly.

His musky tongue entered my mouth. One hand fucked me, the other fondled roughly at my breasts. His hand became a lance, friction against my clit, whilst my snatch was penetrated. His angry kiss dropped to a ravenous feeding on my breast and I could feel the welling urgency of my dream waiting to be released. My hips rode his hands, I pressed his head deeper into my breasts, I couldn’t stop, I felt wave after wave of pleasure, desperate anxiety, and a stomach full of energy. The epi-centre was growing rapidly.

I fucked his hand harder and he fucked me harder with it. My groans rose until I found myself clinging to the arms of the chair and in one explosive moment, I felt my cunt cling to his fingers, I felt waves of pure ecstasy rise and filter through every inch of my body. My back arched as I cum on his hand. He bit my nipple and I held him close.

He dressed me slowly, admiring my curves, but he was still hard. As the buttons on my blouse were fastened, I unzipped his uniform and released his rigid cock, stroking and pulling at it. He hesitated,

‘At next stop my wife delivers lunch,’ he stated without emotion. I nodded and went to leave, but he had not finished. Grasping my arm, he led me to the window and taking my shoulders lowered me to my knees.

Both hands cupped my face and stroked my hair before lowering my jaw. He forced his prick into my wide-open mouth and then showed me how to move my head backwards and forwards to accommodate him. My right hand was bought to the base and he curled my fingers around it then gently pulled my fist up and down as my mouth worked on him. Within a few minutes the apprenticeship was over, and I was entrusted to complete the task without assistance.

He tasted clean, but sensual, clearly aroused. I tried to take him deeper with each suck and tighten my grip. We were interrupted by the brakes squealing,

‘My wife!’ He explained. I pulled myself into the shadow of the door, out of sight and sat still. He lowered the window as the train pulled into the station. His wife approached and as they started to talk, I took a notion to act defiantly. I took him back into my mouth and plunged my head backwards and forwards as hard and fast as possible. The deception, I believed, would add to the appeal.

I heard an exchange of romance between the man and his wife, she seemed pleasantly surprised. Even more so when he started to kiss her passionately through the window, not as passionate as the kiss I was giving him.

I felt his gland swell and move, his body shudder, he kissed her deeper with lips covered in my snatch juices and then he released emptying salted, warm fluids into my mouth. I swallowed greedily as he released his wife’s embrace and the train left the station. After zipping up his trousers he handed me a ticket. I chose not to tell him that I already had one and decided that, with my new-found confidence I would return to the two gentlemen in the first-class cabin.


Considering the lush scenery outside it still amazes me that two such well-read gentlemen would want to bury their heads in the miseries of tabloid journalism. Their heads were still buried deep within their papers when I returned. They were very different to the guard, both somewhat shorter, slightly stouter with an air of self-importance. They sat opposite each other at the far end of the box, by the window, which seemed both wasteful and ironic to me as they had no interest in the world beyond. I would never find such men attractive, not in a relationship, but as sexual partners they had a repulsive air that filled me with curiosity and I wanted to engage in experimentation.

It was these businessmen that held a reputation for interfering with women, I hoped that this reputation would prove not to be unfounded. I timidly slid the door open and eased forward between their opposing knees feigning an interest in the scenery. There was a small table between my body and the window that allowed me to bend forward enough to stick my ample, rounded behind out and allow my skirt to reveal a flash of my underwear. The train was now accelerating giving my breasts and behind some buoyancy. I waited, but not for long.

‘Dai San she is a temptress,’ the man to my left nodded.

‘Oregato Akira San.’ Dai closed his paper and stroked my leg. I did not move, o show any response. There is no shame when it is not of my making, I reasoned and smiled to myself. Akira folded his paper and lay it next to him. He stood behind me and pulled up my skirt. I did not wish to look to eager, so I slapped his hand away. Abruptly he pushed me further forwards and slammed my hands on the table, then raised the front of my skirt and forced his hands down my thong. Dai continued to caress my thighs. Akira was not feeling me for my benefit, but for his. He was rough in his touch and rubbed with aggression for a short time, then released and drew the curtains.

Dai stood and pulled my blouse over my head, discarding it on the floor. Akira yanked down my skirt and that too was left like a piece of trash. I stood in my white lingerie and black shoes. Without hesitation Akira expertly removed my bra and thong. With my hands still on the table he unzipped himself and forced his hard prick into me. I let out a squeal as a harsh pain tore through me,

‘Good, good,’ he whispered recognizing that he had stolen my innocence. He pushed into me several times then withdrew, directing Dai to participate. Dai entered me and fucked me from behind. He too stopped quickly, and I was laid across the seat on my back.

Dai pushed my feet back, so that my legs were bent, and then pulled them apart. He stroked from my ankles to my knees and then to my thighs, widening my legs at each stage. His tongue met my snatch and soaked me to ease his own penetration. Every now and then he caught my clit and I found myself responding by bucking into his mouth.

Akira watched and squeezed my nipples, before slipping his expert tongue into my mouth.

I kissed him back and found the urgency building once again. Dai pulled his head up, placing well trained hands against my clit and commenced enticing me, exciting me. His fingers dipped just slightly inside my snatch forcing my body to involuntarily rise for more. Finally, placing one hand on each hip he entered me again.

Without showing any emotion or excitement Akira straddled my chest and placed his hardened cock between my breasts, fucking them as Dai fucked me. In my stupor I heard Akira whisper to Dai,

‘Do not cum inside her.’ Then he moved his prick from my breasts to my mouth both men fucked me without emotion, to feed their own urges.

The fucking ceased, and Dai took my hands and helped me up. He then sat and pulled me onto his lap, so that I faced him, straddling as his cock filled me. He grasped my behind and rocked me with gentle motions. I felt my own desire growing, moving my body forward I ground myself up and down on him. Revealing my true self, I forced his head to my breasts. Akira watched holding his own cock, pulling it over my arse.

The urgency inside me was undeniable, I turned to face Akira with Dai’s prick buried deeper inside me. I pulled his hand around to my clit and enticed him to rub then took Akira into my mouth practicing the skills that the guard had taught me. I pushed hard onto Dai as Akira forced himself into the back of my throat. Dai’s hand stimulated me and I wanted it, felt it, brimmed with the need.

The waves built up within me again. I rode harder. I could hear Dai puffing, feel his own lust welling inside me.

‘Do not cum in her!’ Akira instructed again. Dai did not respond. I could feel pulses driving my cunt on, I could not stop myself if I wanted to, but to make a man cum against his will, to cum in me, which would be an achievement indeed. The thought of it filled me with desire.

Akira had greater control, he was much more steadfast in his resolve not to cum inside me. He was a man of experience who I believe had indulged in much greater and unusual pleasures. Dai would most likely follow his friend into a lifetime of debauchery, but he was still a novice and taking a virgin in public and seemingly against her will seemed to him a great deviance. The thought, however of my innocent form driving him to ecstasy excited me. I gently moved Akira back so that I could reach between my legs and caress Dai’s balls as he rubbed me.

I could feel the pressure, the fullness. I delicately lifted and stroked, then released and pushed myself back harder making sure that he could see my arsehole. His fingertips now reached my cunny and fuelled by lust he used his other hand to stroke my arsehole. The stroking came with pressure, his hand dipped into my cunt and with moisture he slipped a finger into my arse. It was unexpected, I was suddenly ashamed, ashamed and excited it felt so good.

Pushing backwards so I was filled in every way as he forced my clit into ecstasy. In that moment I released with pure lust coming deeply and fully and as I cum Dai yelled,’

‘I cannot stop myself, I’m going to have her,’ and both of us released.

This angered and excited Akira. I was momentarily worn, as was Dai, but Akira viewed my temptation as a form of entrapment or betrayal. As Dai adjusted his clothes Akira pulled me to my feet and knelt me on the opposite seat facing the wall. I was frightened, I did not know what to expect. Then he did it, his prick pushed against my arsehole, it pushed a few times then it was in. I gasped with discomfort and humiliation, but he was adept in his method. He started slow but sped up to a good rhythm and I found myself adapting.

As he fucked my arse, I felt myself submitting, he felt it too. He gripped my wrists forcing me to be still. Unable to escape I accepted my fate, accepted that the butterfly would only emerge if all innocence was eradicated. His wrath-filled strides filled me with sensations, but he still resolved not to cum inside me. Dai had regained his ardour and to support his friends training Akira pulled me up, his prick still in me, and turned me to Dai who had again removed a solid cock. Dai entered my cunt and the two fucked me in unison.

My arse, my cunt, each filled. I felt dirty, a piece of meat being used. As the mutual lust grew, we fell to the floor.

I half sat, half lay on Dai, whilst Akira took my behind from behind. The motion of the train rocked us harder and harder. Akira rapidly pulled out, the feeling was unusually wet, and he pulled me to my knees and signalled to Dai who then took over entering my widened hole, pumping excitedly. Akira, showing his lack of respect for me, stood before me and plunged his dirtied cock into my mouth. He forced it in and out, this time he was grunting, he was getting excited, desperate. Dai’s cock was beating inside me, Akira’s pulsating in my mouth then simultaneously they withdrew and relieved themselves, Dai on my backside and Akira over my breasts. As Akira’s throbbing receded, he released some water from his prick disgustedly over my breasts. Both men straightened themselves and left me alone. I felt used, I felt dirty, but I was almost fulfilled.


My final interaction on that journey was unplanned. I retired to the lavatory and freshened myself up and then, feeling rather pleased with myself, decided to return to the bar for a soft drink and a smoke, a post-coital smoke if you like. I wanted to try everything, break away from that boring respectful Chou and emerge a beautiful butterfly. I wanted to start university ready and willing to participate in all aspects of student life and by all, I mean all.

I was traveling alone, so I sat at the bar on a high stool. I felt very special smoking my first cigarette, having tasted my first whiskey and having been fucked three ways. I was alone with my thoughts when a soft feminine voice disturbed me,

‘Gap year?’ A tall blond Californian girl asked. I smiled,

‘No, summer vacation. I go to university in a few months.’ She smiled and winked knowingly.

‘Experimenting?’ I was taken aback, ‘I’ve been watching you’ she whispered. ‘Come with me.’

I don’t know why I followed, I guess I was curious as to why she had been watching and what she had seen. She took me into the ladies lavatory to the rear of the bar and locked the door behind us. I presumed that she would chastise me for my behaviour, but instead she kissed me very, very softly. So different from the men. Her hands stroked my hair and pulled it from my face. The back of her fingers stroked my cheeks and lips. Gently she leaned in and kissed me again. Such softness, unlike anything I had ever dreamed of. I touched her face in response, peachy skin, moist lips. Our mouths locked, and our tongues met with delicacy.

Without aggression or force I fell against the wall and she against me. Her hand reached under my blouse and she gently stroked my pert breasts, the brown nipples quickly hardened to her touch and I wanted to feel her, to know her. She wore a simple black dress and my small hands easily clasped the zip and pulled it undone revealing her black satin bra and shorts, her porcelain skin, soft curves and ample breasts. I knew what to do, I had seen it, and I had felt it.

I snapped her bra hook revealing beautiful pink and amorous nipples. I held them, rubbed them and sucked them. This act alone aroused me. She filled my mouth and moaned as I sucked her. My hands slid down her body and into the front of her shorts, so that I could feel her hair free smooth cunt. Her shorts were pushed down, and my hand acted on her clit and her snatch moving from inside her to around her nub.

I kissed her nipples, her belly, licked her slightly inward button, kissed her hips and took her clit into my mouth as my fingers darted in and out of her. To my surprise she dropped to her knees, our lips locked as we finger fucked each other. She had greater experience and as my excitement grew, she stopped and led me to the closed bowl.

Seating herself she pulled me to her so that our legs intertwined, our cunnys met and our fingers were free to continue fucking each other. We ground against each other for some time, both on edge, both holding back. She was glowing. Her breasts pushed against mine. We rode against each other deliriously. Her expert fingers flicked me on the inside and I could feel a heat building. I bit her stiff nipples in response. We ground harder. Her wetness met mine.

‘Come!’ She instructed. I rose with her and she lay me down. Her legs wrapped around my neck, her mouth sucked in my clit as her fingers stabbed me. I licked her digging my tongue into her cunt circling her clit. We fucked each other’s mouths, our tongues darted deeper, longer. I could hear her pants drowning out mine, feel the welling in my belly.

The ecstasy built. I sat slightly up forcing her onto her back and delved deeply into her pussy with my rigid tongue, whilst furiously rubbing her clit and pulling her nipples. She writhed against me, bucking and arching and with one furious moan she released herself into my mouth. Still elated, as the pulsing subsided, she sat up and pulled my legs so that I lay flat.

My Knees were parted, and she crawled on top of me, her tongue penetrating my mouth, her body moving against me, her fingers exciting my clitoris. She pinched my nipples, she rode against me and finally dropped lower. Her tongue filled me as her thumb passionately teased my clitoris. I pushed against her face and hands, my body filled with electricity, pure sensation, and growing sensation. I spread my legs wider and wider until finally the sensations erupted, and I came violently in her mouth. I never knew her name.

I returned home a butterfly, never discussed any of my experiences until now. I returned to the shop, I prepared for university, but I knew that this was the beginning not the end…………


Miss Chou’s Punishment


My majors remained the same, only the location changed. Sadly, I missed Fresher’s week having contracted a brief flu and was allocated a single room and enrolled in my absence. Desolation was a concern and my first lecture was difficult. I knew nobody, and all of my peers had clearly bonded. I decided to engage wholeheartedly in my studies, so that I could make my parent’s proud. I made a few friends but failed in my ambition to have a good social life. I became fixated with my work following lectures and seminars with reading and study in the language laboratory or library. In the evening I constructed my essays or slept. Japan seemed a lifetime ago!

The person I had the most contact with was my Professor, Cain North, a true gentleman in his mid-forties who held a Doctorate in Literature. We shared a common interest in Coleridge-Taylor, particularly the sea yarn The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. Twice a week we would engage in one to one tutorials in his office; a small, dark cubby hole shunted to the far end of an old, dilapidated building, overloaded with books balancing on bowed shelves. He would sit at his desk, lap-top open, paperwork on the floor and we would discuss my progress.

Given the immense time spent in study very little discussion was needed so we would often revert to small talk. Professor North was handsome in a rugged way, he was clean shaven, but would often forget to shave. This was more evident in him due to his jet-black wavy hair, which often grew slightly longer than it should. He wore glasses with lenses that changed with light and hid his stunningly, radiant blue eyes. He was tall and as such had an unusual gait that I found extremely enticing, although I tried to hide my attraction. Clearly my attempt to hide my feelings failed.

The dynamics of our relationship changed overtime. As the weeks progressed, we became almost friends. Each tutorial felt increasingly like a social visit as opposed to a professional meeting. I looked forward to our discussions, our debates over metaphor in poetry and as I became more comfortable with our interactions, I became equally confident, often arguing an opposing point of view to my Professor. At times, when I was obviously winning the debate, I could sense agitation, a shift of mood in him, as if I irritated him.

Late October presented an unusually hot week. Everyone was irritable. The windows across campus were thrown carelessly open and books became fans. My tutorial was held midweek, late afternoon. This was particularly unusual as the time is reserved for sports, so most students are elsewhere, and the building seems hollow and empty.

As usual I knocked on Professor North’s door and was invited in. I had little heed on embarking in academia as I too was irritable. The Professor was equally disturbed having removed his usual Grey suit jacket and tie. The window was open and a fan whirred driving breezes of warm air around the stuffy room. He reclined lazily in his office chair, the top buttons of his shirt undone. He signalled to me to sit in my usual uncomfortable student chair at the other side of the desk.

‘I don’t need to ask how your study is going!’ He declared irritably, his hand perched under his chin. I smiled slightly and shook my head. ‘You have an air of arrogance Chou that is not appreciated by everyone!’ Something was different about him, something in his voice, a harshness. I started to feel uneasy and diverted my eyes to the corner of the room.

‘You have developed an unpleasant habit of undermining your superiors and this needs to be rectified.’ He hesitated. I bit my lip nervously terrified of expulsion.

‘Before we discuss your punishment I should like to know if you have any suggestions.’ He queried. I shook my head in response adding,

‘I do not know what you mean.’

‘Really?’ He mocked, ‘You have no idea?’ gain I shook my head. He grunted, swung his chair, stood and without hesitation strode to the door closed the blind and pulled the bolt across.

‘Stand!’ He ordered. I did not look back but stood. My light, floral summer dress had crumpled on the chair and I smoothed it back down to my knees focusing only on the desk in front of me. Clonking feet paced towards me, all other sounds; the students outside, the birds, the clock tower, all faded into nothing. His musky cologne soaked my senses and in a moment of realization I knew what was happening. He wanted me and I did not know how to react. Sex with strangers is different, you can shut it out, and pretend it never happened. This was different! This man was an integral part of my life.

I felt his presence right behind me. I waited, brimming with anticipation for that first touch. Something about this situation was unique. Both of my wrists were encompassed with a firm, powerful grip and slid across the desk, my body followed. He then placed pressure on my back, not spiteful, but with resolve. I was bent forward over his desk. Then with a fierce motion my skirt was pulled up revealing skin coloured, sheer panties. With pure might he pulled them to my ankles and squeezed my buttocks, kneaded them with both hands. I could hear his arousal through a deepening of breath, then it came.

The first time was shocking, one hard whack to my behind,

‘How dare you!’ He sneered leaning into my ear. My arse burned with a searing humiliating sting. His hand remained in place, rubbing my reddening skin, sliding in between my buttocks, dipping sneakily in between my legs. Then he drew his hand back further and slapped me again. This time I cried out, but no one was about to hear me and even if they did they would assume I was a sports fan. Again, his hand held onto the humiliated flesh, grinding against it, taking advantage of his position and power over me.

I waited anxiously, I could do nothing more. I could not risk my education or future or bring shame to my family. Again, his hand flew back, and three hard slaps caught me slightly between the legs. Tears pricked my eyes, tears of humiliation and pain. He shifted, his belt clinked undone and shimmied through his trousers. He folded and snapped it in my ear,

‘You will never argue with a superior again!’ He stated. I shook my head as the belt cracked against my behind. I heard the yell escape from between my lips, I could hear his breath, deeper and louder than my own panting.

The belt snapped to the floor and he bent over my back, a hand furiously felt between my legs and his lips chewed against my neck. Pulling back, he opened his buttons and pulled his stiff prick out. I believe his initial intent was to pleasure himself over my cunt but given my training I had no intention of letting him get away with such a thing.


Carefully I turned to face him and gently took his hands into mine leading them to my erect breasts. As he was caressing them, I pulled down my dress and bra showing him that I was willing, welcoming him. I could see hesitation in his eyes, but the lust was overwhelming for both of us. He held my naked breasts as I tugged at his rigid cock, then sitting myself back on the desk I parted my legs and pulled him into me.

‘I can’t!’ He whispered as he forced his desperate prick into me, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing it, I’m gonna fuck you.’ I lay down on the desk as he stood before me delving in and out rapidly, his hands squeezing angrily at my breasts. I groaned feeling my own wetness soaking him. He fucked me for a brief time then pulled out hoisting me upwards, spreading my legs apart. He dropped to desk height and bent my knees, parting my legs, so that his mouth could reach my shaven pussy.

Initially he licked the around the outside, his fingers occasionally flicking across my clitoris, teasing me, making me want him more. He sucked my lower lips whilst running his fingers from my cunt to my clit and making slight circles before returning to my cunt. His hands widened my thighs and his tongue entered my cunt, penetrated it and then moved to my clit, swaying back and forth until I was trapped in waves of ecstasy.

His tongue then enveloped my clit and with three fingers he fucked my cunny, three then four and as my dampness grew, he formed a fist and ground it into my snatch. I yelled out as the walls filled, I opened my legs wider to accommodate him. His fist fucked me, I begged him to stop, but he forced it in deeper, licking harder, mixing pain with pleasure. Sweat poured from me as I failed to cope with both I begged him to stop, pleaded.

Finally, he withdrew and viciously threw me to the floor, his cock quickly filling me and he drove furiously into me. Hands raised my hips from the floor, the hardness of his prick ran from my clit to inside of my cunt. I could feel the build-up, the need to release coming. I found myself pushing against him, moaning, begging him for more. In one swift moment, without changing position he moved his anxious cock from my snatch into my arsehole with expert ease.

I expected discomfort, but it was divine! My clit and arsehole stimulated at the same time, pure pleasure. It excited the Professor, he was dominating me, showing his power. He could have me whenever he wanted me, however he wanted me. I would be subject to his will for the years to come. A well-trained hand slid between us filling my snatch, I could not stop myself, and my senses exploded all over, pure eruption as I came all over his firm cock.

As the waves subsided a knock interrupted our moment. In a moment the Professor was dressed. He slid my clothes in a draw, flicked the lock and hid me in the shielded nook under his desk. The Dean of Humanities entered, an old temperamental man who had come to bore the Professor with administrative matters. Squeezed helplessly under the desk I chose to re-enact an old trick and not to leave the Professor unfulfilled.

Whilst the Dean stood enjoying the sound of his own voice, I enjoyed the taste of the Professor’s succulent cock. With care and subtlety, I moved just enough to place his still turgid prick in my moist mouth. I gently rolled my tongue about the end and sucked it into my mouth. I tightened my fists around the base and wanked him rhythmically as I sucked him. I could feel him hardening, moistening. I could taste his salty pre-cum dripping into my mouth, feel his urge, but he held back. There was something else on his mind and he waited until the Dean left.

Without a word to me he lifted the receiver on his phone, cock still in my mouth and dialled an extension,

‘Code Alpha Omega,’ he muttered before replacing the receiver. He then pushed his chair back and pulled me from under his desk. He pushed his desk forward and took a key from the shelf and opened a draw. Pointing towards his chair he commanded,

‘Sit!’ I sat without argument. He reached into his draw and pulled out handcuffs. I went to stand, but he forced me backwards clamping a cuff around one wrist and one chair arm and then another set on the other side.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked with fear growing in my belly. With a finger pressed to his lips he signalled silence. It seemed better not to speak given that we were alone. Shortly thereafter the door opened, a figure entered and again it was locked. I recognized her as the campus counsellor. A young woman, tall, long dark hair and glasses. She was slender and dressed in a tight-fitting suit. She stepped confidently towards me. The Professor grabbed her waist and kissed her passionately on the lips whilst side-glancing me. A pang of jealousy tore through me, it hurt, awkwardly, passionately hurt. It made me want him more.

Professor North slid the desk to the side of the room and the counsellor drew the student chair in front of me. She sat eloquently with crossed legs sporting an air of professionalism,

‘Let me introduce myself,’ she began formally, ‘I am the college counsellor Ella Mulroney. You can call me Ella! I understand that you have some sexual issues that you wish to discuss?’ Stunned I shook my head, my mouth slightly opened. She smiled, ‘No? Well perhaps I can encourage you to open up,’ she suggested.


Ella deliberately fell to her knees. The Professor goaded her,

‘Do as you will to this one,’ he commanded. My nakedness made me vulnerable. Ella was dressed, she had the upper hand, she was smart, professional. I was a dirty, recently used slut. Within seconds her hands were all over me, rubbing my ankles, my shins, my things and straight into my snatch without hesitation. Her lips met my breasts and for a time she sucked on them before raising her head to my untouched mouth.

Releasing her grip, she gently lifted my chin,

‘Don’t worry beautiful, I am not here to hurt you,’ she whispered. Her lips parted and hungrily she took my tongue into her mouth with such a beautiful passion that I found myself kissing her back. Our embrace seemed heavenly. Breathlessly she pulled slightly ajar and begged the Professor to release my hands. Surprisingly he complied, perhaps he was titillated by our lust.

Ella pulled me to the carpet and lay on top of me continuing to allow our tongues to make love. I found myself raising her skirt and running my hand up and down the tightness of her thong and the other up her shirt. I wanted more of her. Sitting forward I quickly unzipped her skirt, pulled it down and opened her blouse and cast it aside leaving her in stunning black underwear that made my cunt throb with desire. This time I rolled on top of her and our embrace continued. My hand crept into her thong and rubbed at her clit clearly exciting her, causing her to dampen and groan. I could smell her enticing scent.

Professor North, having watched the spectacle for some time, must have found his resolve weaken. He was in charge not only of me, but clearly of Ella. One call of her name and she withdrew. The Professor lay me on my back, bending my legs up and out, he then forced Ella onto her knees and her head down between my legs. Her expert tongue began to work straight away, three fingers fucked me perfectly as her tongue licked hard and moist. The Professor knelt down behind Ella, released his rigid prick and rammed it violently into her.

He fucked her with such aggression, whilst stimulating her clit with well-trained hands that her lust quickly peaked, and her tongue and fingers worked tirelessly to drive me on. The three of us moved in furious rhythm, desperately working towards our destination. He then moved us again so that we lay next to each other, our legs apart. He moved quickly fucking one then the other, moving rapidly between us, leaving us on edge. In between he would rub us, finger us, and tease us. Then the teasing stopped, and we turned towards each other, Ella and I rubbed each other hard desperately, urgently. Needing the impending release. The Professor stopped us and used his fingers to indicate two numbers.

She lay next to me, her cunt against my lips and mine against hers. Both achingly close to climax we finger fucked each other rapidly, without hesitation. Our tongues sucked and licked each other’s clit furiously. The waves became tsunamis. Both desperate, we failed to notice him wanking over us excitedly. Moaning desperately, I arched, she bucked against me and together we came, eating the other’s clit, fucking the other’s fingers. As our pulsing subsided the Professor barked,

‘Kneel in front of me!’ We both knelt before his prick, which he continued to pull.

‘Open your fucking mouths!’ He roared. We complied, and his heavy breaths grew louder as spurts of warm fluid was sprayed across both of our faces.

We all dressed in silence, future liaisons were likely, and discretion was silently assured.

Valkyrie Kerry

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