Erotic Poetry


Trapped helplessly in the Arabian Oasis menaced by the ensuing sandstorms,
Held captive, isolated in the Sheikh’s luxurious crimson and gold marquee,
I rest tightly manacled surrounded with light cedar furnishings from antiquity.

Struggling strong at heart, dominated by the hung bejeweled scimitar’s blades,
Guarded by the taupe camels baying at the awning, captivated by your conceit,
I feel I have been here too long initially exasperated by your pretentious insolence,
Infuriating your failed attempts at manipulation I wait self-satisfied, electrified.

You sit clad in jet black robes high on your ancient imperial scarlet ottoman,
Your ego daring to penetrate my soul through dense shisha-hookah smoke.
My mind eternally confused between wanting you and despising your disdain,
Magnetized in mutual torment, as the tempest builds rousing the jade palm leaves,
I know you well; expert in subjugating others frustrated with burning insanity.

Desiring above all to demoralize me exasperated by my ability to mystify you,
Heat rises from the terrain, my attempts to allure you into releasing me are futile,
Desperately wanting to flee, yet the enchantment of your conceit seduces me,
Drawn inexorably together the choice of your company has always been providence.
Each tapestry elegantly draping the cloth walls gazes intently on our isolation,
You have been addicted to pain for so long that your spirit is ice, scarred and dark.

I cannot trust your words, but I desperately want your pitiless vengeance’s intrigue,
Perhaps it’s my hubris and abhorrence of your defiance that instigates these longings,
The velvet drapes drop, protecting from the dusty blizzard, the amber candles dim.
I feel your intrigue as you try to comprehend me, I recognize that same ambivalence,
From our mutual uncertainty arises a sinister air of a tormented unsuitable lust.

In time your sturdy hand rests cautiously on my soft skin and I sense sandalwood,
Tantalizing every pore in my body with one touch I lose control and hate you more.
My fingertips run mesmerized along your arm permitting me to virginally suffer you,
Lightly chastising each of your hard shoulders with a vehemence dormant for so long.

And caressing the throat tense from the loneliness you disguise so convincingly,
With sensuality you stroke my cherry lips desiring to escape the lust perpetually denied.
Slipping your garments reveals your bare, sturdy chest, engulfed with my sensual kisses.

You stroke my flaxen hair with an unspoken ardor as the power surge between us burns,
With sudden aggression you grip my hair and force my descent lowering my kisses.
With a raw sensuality and under your coercion I take you into my mouth,
Tasting your freshness with passionate strokes, uncontrolled ecstasy tenses through you.

The drugged smog engulfs and desire inspires your aggressive ripping of silk,
Exposing my creamy décolleté, feeling the rush of exhilaration you pull me away.
Needing to stay in control of your release, using your insolent mouth on my body,
Persecuting me with spiteful passion evilly formed of infatuation for my indifference,
Intermittently biting my flesh with pure resentment, teeth tearing suppressed retribution.

Anguished heat burns my being chastity lost I succumb to the prophesized entrapment,
Unable or unwilling to escape the shackles I submit to your powerful embrace,
Sprawling gratuitously across the russet satin the flambeau reignites,
Firing ablaze, your unclothed tissue smothers me,
And with forceful ferocity you infiltrate!

Your angry hands clasp my hair and neck crushing and pulling coexist with drive,
Our mouths meet with furious intensity totally enraptured,
Exquisitely held in the moment.

Stinging sensations pulse through me, my curvy legs wrap tightly about your waist,
Through changing breath I sense growing craving for anticipated liberation.
Consumed with hunger you force me over suffocating me,
In the leather hassock.

Your strides harder than before with mounting dynamics you lean on my tethered arms,
One hand strokes every arc as your rough pace increases and your sighs deepen,
With anguish you release yourself fully into my being,
Holding fast until the pulsating subsides.

As you turn away your body and palace crumble to silt,
Leaving me alone relishing the pain of the cold desert night.

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