Devastating Tale of Self-Sacrifice

Broken Balcony


As they sat on the balcony sheep mosied below,

chewing grass on the moist, emerald blades,

Far beyond across the green an ancient tree stood motionless.


With pale skin and sunken oak eyes his dry lips parted,

‘I want my freedom, I have my life, through chemo it has now been granted.’

A sullen hand reached shakily up and scratched his hair free head.


Her sapphire eyes glistened with heartfelt tears,

She had visited the hospital every day,

And now he had his life back through the all clear, his aim was to throw her away.


Both sipped their dark blackcurrant and looked on ahead,

At the wise, emotionless tree that had lived for so long,

And he listened with a new awoken joy to the bluebirds whistling a song.


But something inside him was stirring, an anger he could not deny,

Hidden from his beloved, disrupted and broken inside,

An awkwardness grew and before he could stop the words spilled out.


‘There is someone else, I do not want you, I have found somebody, somebody new,

Now go through the doors and leave me alone,

Give me a chance to bring my true love back home.’


In sadness and rage she fled from the scene,

Confused by his words after all that had been,

He stared with some longing after her, but he was disjointed not mean.


A short time passed, her car drove down the hill,

Forever lost now he could break his hardened seal,

The tears started coming and they just would not cease.


From under the pitcher he recovered his medical notes,

A terminal patient for whom there is no hope,

But in truth he had done his best,

Better heart broken now than watch him laid to rest.


With Love always, to my Dear Brother David Mark Baldock. I promise you will never be forgotten xxxx

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