Death Kiss of the Mermaid

Beyond Horizons


The engine chugs into motion,

After loading the boat with pots, reel and bait.

I eagerly anticipate the moment, the cast off.


My adventure begins in soft moonlight,

Returning after hours when the Parish sleeps.

With a smile the beast pulls away from the pier,

Stealing me off into shimmering black waters.


Beyond the horizon lies my world, my treasure island,

So long have I fished that I know the secrets of the sea,

Where rocks hide and lobsters cling.


I’m old now, it’s harder to lower the pots,

And when the time comes an arduous job to pull them in.

The tranquility makes it worth it,

Time of my own, just me and nature.


After casting my rod and nets I settle, I wait, I relax,

In time a pull launches me from snoozing,

I drag the net in, its weight is unbearable for my aging body,

Heaving and puffing the net rises.


Therein she sits, not as expected, more delicate than myths would suggest,

Smaller, human at first with a turquoise, shimmering tale,

Lost, like me.


Dragging her on board I notice a fearful shake,

Trembling I hold her, I hold her until the sun looks above the horizon.


With sympathy she clasps my hand and together we dive,

Together we die, together we live,

Eternally beneath the waves.

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