Cannabis Oil in Treating Open Wounds and Burns

The effectiveness of cannabis oil in healing

Hypothesis: Cannabis oil is effective in the treatment of open wounds and burns

Null Hypothesis: Cannabis has no noticeable effect on open wounds and burns

Introduction: Three weeks ago on 7th May 2016 subject X burned her leg and did not treat it as she did not believe it was severe. Two days thereafter the subject developed two blisters, which unfortunately burst in the shower opening the wound to infection and making the severity of the wound visible; the burn had proved corrosive below the dermal layer and the circumference of the wound formed a leathery and inflamed wall.

Subject treated the wound twice daily with zinc and castor oil antiseptic cream and Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for the pain and swelling . A second degree burn should have closed in approximately two weeks. On 28th May 2016 the wound was still open and bleeding and very painful. Subject concluded that the burn was third degree and should have attracted medical attention in the first instance.

The wound was leaking yellow/green fluid indicating sepsis. Subject agreed to an alternative treatment to measure effectiveness.

Method: The dressing was removed and clean and swabbed to remove septic fluids. photographs were taken of the cleaned wound. Saline solution was used to cleanse any remaining antiseptic cream and bacteria. CBD Cannabis oil was applied to the wound. The oil was applied liberally and rubbed in. The wound was covered and sealed. Within 12 hours the procedure will be repeated and every twelve hours thereafter. Photographs will be taken to identify any changes in the wound and this will be recorded in the results section (forthcoming).


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