Reflections of the dark human soul, the monstrous and grotesque resonate through the artistic words sublimely painted on ValkyrieKerry’s dark canvas. Characters are driven headlong into the macabre by their own desire and surrender their lives willingly to cruel beings as tortured victims sacrifice their freedom for the vices of the shadowy worlds that close in on them.

“Jet black tendrils of hair covered the skeletal face and black eyes, each tendril seemed to have a life of its own and climbed the rock like ivy. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. My whole body shuddered with an evil fear.”

Valkyrie Kerry, The Duchess of Darkness.


Voyages of sexual exploration accompanied by the deepest, libidinous explorations of both the desires of the flesh and the lusts of the mind. 

“‘How dare you!’ He sneered leaning into my ear. My arse burned with a searing humiliating sting. His hand remained in place, rubbing my reddening skin, sliding in between my buttocks, dipping sneakily in between my legs. Then he drew his hand back further and slapped me again.”

Valkyrie Kerry, The Duchess of Darkness.

The Rays in the Storm

In the darkness there is light, and in the light darkness. As a survivor of Bipolar Valkyrie Kerry turned her darkest feelings into an art form through stories, poetry and photography. Valkyrie has developed a coaching program based on embracing those dark feelings, and other reflections of the world, and turning them into art and experience with the goal of reaching personal potential. 


Valkyrie Kerry, The Duchess of Darkness, is an author of erotic

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